Dugald Craig

Interim Chief Executive
Bologna Expert

Dugald heads the organisation and leads the staff team. His unique blend of policy knowledge, technical expertise has been built up over his 30 year career which has included 4 years managing professional, administrative support to the European Commission's Socrates II programme. His previous work was in lifelong learning, vocational training, language learning, broadcasting and further and international education. Dugald has a key influencing role on behalf of Colleges Partnership, representing the organisation and its partner colleges' interests and views. He has led and taken part in many transnational projects and expert teams and takes forward our consultancy activity.

Lorraine Irvine

Projects Manager

Lorraine works closely with partners to deliver support, both strategic and operational on funding, audit and policy related issues. She bring over 25 years of extensive technical and EU/Skills policy experience, including 18 years at the Programme Management Executive (PME) for the Western Scotland Objective 2 Programme where she saw projects through from development to appraisal and audit and monitoring. In addition, she brings her strong partnership background and cross sectoral knowledge to support our external contract and consultancy activity.

Rhona Maguire

Senior Administrator/ ERASMUS Co-ordinator

With 18 years of experience in the administration of European Structural Funds, Rhona has a diverse role in the team. Initially a part of the audit support team Rhona now alternates between providing focused, one-to-one support to college partners and ensuring high level administrative and financial support for the implementation of College Partnership's growing portfolio of European and international activities and projects.

Gillian Eadie

Development Officer

Now principally involved with administration and the finance of the organisation Gillian also brings 16 years of European Social Fund (ESF) administrative experience centred around supporting our colleges with ESF claims and audit. This included a two year period as Development Officer with a Programme Management Executive (ESEP) handling a caseload of projects overseeing them through the claims and detailed verification processes.