Colleges Partnership
offers five strands of support
and service


Colleges Partnership has a representative role on behalf of partners in a diverse range of national and European forums. This offers major benefits and a platform to showcase the work of our partners. It also provides the vehicle for partners to contribute their collective views on the thematic issues which affect them.

Technical Expertise

Colleges Partnership uses its knowledge of and experience with EU and domestic funding to help partners to:

  • Identify and match funding sources to priorities
  • Draft and refine applications
  • Exchange information and good practice
  • Meet compliance requirements for claims and audit preparation and record keeping
  • Identify and work with transnational partners

Policy Advice

Scanning the policy horizon for new developments and interconnections is an important function of the Colleges Partnership. This helps to inform and reinforce partners' own policy awareness to support funding strategies and individual project applications. It also highlights areas where a joint approach is required to access funding or influence debate


As an organisation we have been involved in a range of project activity funded through a variety of EU Funds including the Lifelong Learning Programme and more recently ERASMUS+. Colleges Partnership takes different roles in projects; delivery partner, facilitator, expert or umbrella organisation. Our active involvement in EURASHE and our extensive network of transnational contacts have been instrumental in building our project portfolio. Our project work builds capacity and complement the project activity of our individual partners.


Where it can add value, Colleges Partnership undertakes consultancy work. This supplements the overall sectoral/programme knowledge of the partnership. The organisation has worked independently and as part of a team on larger pieces of work. Previous work has included:

  • Development of European engagement strategies
  • Project/programme evaluation
  • Ad hoc audit and applications support