Our Partners

Our regionally based, college partners deliver training (EQF 1-5 / SCQF 1-8) across an impressive range of curricular areas including; Creative Industries; Building; Engineering; Energy; Health & Social Care; Hospitality; Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy; Sports Coaching; Events Management; Business; Science; Retail; and Maritime Studies. One of our partners is a national college specialising in land based studies (EQF 1-8 /SCQF 1-12) including - Equine Studies; Agriculture; Horticulture & Landscaping; Environment & Countryside Studies; Business Management; Engineering; Science & Technology; Sport & Tourism.

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All partner colleges hold Erasmus Charters for Higher Education (ECHEs) and are active in HE and VET student and staff mobility supported by Erasmus+ or other programmes. Each year, Colleges Partnership and its partner colleges organise mobility activities for some 300 outgoing students and around 180 incoming students and 60 staff across a range of curricular areas and countries.